Writing a Will when you live outside of the UK

I am retired in Thailand, lived all over the place so I have assets in numerous countries and I wish to update my Will. On talking with a local lawyer he told me he can establish a will in Thailand to cover my assets here but I will need to do separate ones for other countries.

As a UK citizen, resident here in Thailand, I want to make a Will which will be effective both here and there. Any ideas about how to go about it? Does it require two separate documents to cover assets in both places?

UK Last Will and Testament

When we look through various expat forums this is one of the most common questions asked. You can see variations on the question here and here. “If I’m living overseas, but have assets in my home country, how do I prepare my UK Last Will and Testament”.

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For the last couple of years we have used https://legalwills.wordpress.com to share our thoughts on the importance of writing your Last Will and Testament. We have offered tips ranging from choosing an Executor to selecting the most appropriate guardian for your children. We have offered our views on celebrity estate planning news including articles on the estate of Anna Nicole Smith, Stieg Larsson and others. But most importantly we have been encouraging people to prepare their Last Will and Testament.Expat Will service

After 115 posts, we have decided to move our blog to reside on our website, so all of the information that you need is right here where you need it. It make take us a while to have another 100 articles for you; we try to make our discussions topical and useful. But over time we hope that our new blog becomes a useful resource for you.