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Funeral Homes and Services is dedicated to providing services related to advance directives prior to one's death, including our MyFuneral™ service, which allows people to specify in advance their funeral wishes and preferences for a funeral home and funeral services.  These wishes will be communicated to a personal "Keyholder®", chosen by the member, when the time is right. 

Do you wish to be buried or cremated?  In which cemetery?  Where would you like your ashes to go?  Open casket or closed?  Who do you want to be there?  Would you prefer people to celebrate your life, or reflect on your passing?  How do you feel about organ donation?  How much should be spent on your funeral?

The possibilities are endless.  Yet the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out, is to ensure that your wishes are communicated.  Let us worry about getting them to your designated friend or family member when the time is right.

There are a number of good reasons to pre-arrange your own funeral.  First of all, it is a thoughtful and considerate gesture for your loved ones who would otherwise be faced with a battery of questions and options at a time when they are least capable of dealing with them.  You may have discussed in general terms with your family whether you would rather be buried or cremated, or that you would prefer a big party over a somber get together, but most people do not even consider these basic questions until they reflect on their own mortality.  For many people it is also a difficult subject to discuss seriously and openly with your friends and family.  However, even if you have made your basic wishes known, did you share your views on the overall cost of the funeral service, or who you would like to be present, or any readings or music that you feel would be appropriate at your service?  And what guarantee do you have that your wishes will be remembered or communicated when the time is right?

These questions lead to the second good reason for stating your preferences ahead of time.  A funeral service should be an expression of your life, and of your character.  You should be able to decide who will attend, what the atmosphere should be like, and where you would like it to be held.  If you would like to be cremated, you should also be able to specify where you would like your ashes to be buried, or if they should be scattered at a place that is meaningful to you.

By stating your preferences for your funeral arrangements you will be able to control costs, and this is the third good reason for making your wishes known.  How much money should be spent?  Should it be a final fitting tribute to your life on Earth, or should it be a modest affair as you feel that the money could be better spent if it were passed on to a charity or to your family?  The decisions that will be left to the organizers of your funeral will require them to make tradeoffs on price against worthiness, and these difficult decisions will be made at a time of great loss. 

If you step through the MyFuneral™ wizard you will find all of these questions, and more, that you will be able to answer.  You only need to answer the questions you feel comfortable answering.  Make these decisions now, on your behalf, and have a funeral service that is right for you.

There are also many legal issues surrounding death and dying, including:

These legal documents allow you to communicate your wishes when you are no longer able to do so. 

Here at we also offer an additional and very unique service which address the funeral services industry:

  • The MyMessages™ service allows you to write and preaddress messages to your friends and loved ones.  These messages are completely private and they will only be sent to their recipients after you have passed away. 

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